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Other services

We provide a range of other services from assembly lines that sort and pack, to recycling and plastic injection moulding. We have a wide range of solutions which help businesses and government departments, providing assistance whether volumes are small or large as well as seasonal work.

Enterprise Services

Our contract services facilities are located all over England and Wales which means we can help you find one close to your business. We cover a whole range of solutions at competitive prices and can assist you with your production and/or packing requirements.

Some of the work we already do includes:

  • Electrical assembly: such as light fittings
  • Sorting and packing items: folding and finishing, heat sealing and labeling services
  • Recycling: remanufacture of computers, headphones, consoles and small domestic appliances
  • De-branding and re-labelling of products
  • Rework and repair of Store Returns
  • Envelope fulfilment including stuffing and sealing
  • CD and DVD destruction
  • White good recycling and PAT testing


We have eight plastic injection and moulding sites with compressions capacities from 84 tonnes to 850 tonnes. We can create small batches to help you trial new products and ranges. We have made a wide variety of products in a range of different plastics including:

  • Plastic buckets, ice scrappers and snow shovels
  • Plastic cutlery: knives, forks, spoons, mugs, plates, tumblers and bowls
  • Plastic ashtrays, dustpans, small containers, cones, plastic chairs and medicine cups

Land based activities

We have a small number of farms in England and Wales offering dairy items, eggs and a wide variety of vegetables including asparagus, parsnips and carrots. We can help small enterprises source vegetables locally. We can also assist growers by utilising prison land to meet small scale production needs.

We have found the quality of the work from ONE3ONE is first class. If an issue is identified it is reviewed and resolved efficiently. To comply with industry regulations, each product is quality checked and X-rayed by MNH staff prior to being returned to the supply chain.

MNH sustainable Cabin Services.