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We have over 20 prisons based in England and Wales with industrial sized laundries including six tunnel washer sites with dedicated finishing, folding and sorting facilities. We have significant experience providing industrial-scale laundry services, and can adapt for smaller washes for local businesses, sports teams and care homes. We can provide contingency cover for when you have more work then usual. We can also offer linen hire services and we also refurbish or recycle old linen.

Our service includes:

  • Full laundry service (large and small scale); assisting supply chain, recovery wash processes, laundry contingency cover or disaster recovery planning
  • Tumble drying, folding and sorting
  • Manufacturing and repairing roll cages
  • Linen production, hire and recycling

In our facilities we have:

  • Continuous batch washers with up to 800 kilos per hour capacity and equivalent dryer capacity
  • Washer extractors with up to 180kg loads
  • 850mm Roll Ironers
  • Large Tunnel Finishers

Across the country, we provide laundry solutions for a wide range of customers washing bedding, clothing and uniforms.

With the recent refurbishment of HMP Wymott laundry, the prison laundry is now comparable with any private commercial laundry.

D.I. Jaszczuk, Instructional Officer, HMP Wymott Laundry