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Metalwork & Engineering

offender welding

We are equipped to handle both sheet metal and fabricated products using modern machinery on which we produce high quality products. We have over 12 engineering and aluminium double glazing factories offering over 600 prisoner work places.

Our products include:

  • Office storage systems
  • Stainless steel trolleys
  • Steel stacking pallets
  • Fencing
  • Metal components

Our engineering and metal work facilities offer services which include:

  • Machining and sheet metal work
  • Powder coating and assembly
  • Welding and fabrication

Security and Cell Furniture

We make UK manufactured security products offering high levels of security and which meet all construction standards. This means we can provide products to businesses or other government departments that require custodial or detention solutions.

Our products include:

  • Cell Security: doors, cell windows and prison doors
  • Aluminium double glazing: casement windows and tilt before turn windows
  • Aluminium doors: single and double doors.
  • Cell furniture: chairs, bins, cell beds both single and bunk beds.

The companies we are working with have expressed genuine surprise at the level of work we are able to produce and the resources and facilities we have to offer. We have the space, the people and the flexibility. We are open to new ideas and open for business.

Deborah Butler, Governor HMP Featherstone