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Social solutions

Summit, the UK’s leading retail-only digital marketing and e-commerce consultancy, started life in 2000 at HMP Wolds. Today, they employ 110 staff at four offices. The 28 staff at the Wolds office include a number of prisoners working on affiliate marketing and social media.

Over 450 prisoners have already worked with Summit, and after release, many former prisoners have gone on to become full-time members of staff.

Hedley Aylott, Co-founder and Managing Director, says:

“We have now worked in the prison in partnership with HMP Wolds for eleven years. The office we equipped is comparable with the best standards of any outside accommodation. Our highly motivated staff are loyal and hardworking and realise they are being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a decent future as honest tax paying citizens. As time has gone by there are many success stories to feed the resolve of those working towards their future.
“Those who go on to work for Summit on release are seamlessly integrated into the outside office, enjoying parity of esteem with their colleagues. Two of the most senior positions in the company are held by ex-offenders who have worked for Summit for ten and eleven years respectively. We highly value our prisoner colleagues, past and present, who have made such a valuable contribution to the growth and success of Summit. Above all, they have rewarded our faith in setting up Summit inside the prison and demonstrated so many successes in turning their lives around.

HMP Wolds is operated by G4S. Cathy James, Director says:

“Because we are ourselves a commercial operation, we fully understand the needs of the commercial partners with whom we do business. We are committed to helping them to make their business a success.