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Providing specialist solutions to travel clients worldwide

MNH sustainable cabin services logoMNH Sustainable Cabin Services are a team of industry experts providing specialist solutions to travel clients worldwide for headset, laundry and amenity kit supply chains.

MNH believes in ethical trading and actively supports the community. This is reflected in our extensive waste separation and recycling procedures and our workforce partnerships involving prisons and specialist disabled providers. We actively promote the support of these unique sectors in delivering consistent, high-quality output whilst providing a sense of self-worth and teaching back-to-work skills. Where this is not appropriate MNH offers clients the option of using our in-house team.

The partnership between MNH and ONE3ONE is built on mutual respect and trust. A portion of the fees paid to the individual goes towards victims and the remainder goes to the prison to meet running costs. This in turn reduces the burden on the tax payer whilst allowing us to re-shore work from cheaper overseas markets.

MNH understands the strength of the prison workforce. We have invested in equipment and training and along with performance management, we enjoy excellent working relationships with the prison supervisory teams and ONE3ONE.

We have found the quality of the work from ONE3ONE is first class. If an issue is identified it is reviewed and resolved efficiently. To comply industry regulations, each product is quality checked and X-rayed by MNH staff prior to being returned to the supply chain.

MNH are proud to have extensive partnerships with prison workforces both in the UK and overseas. Together with ONE3ONE we plan to expand our range of services further with this unique sector.

To see more and contact MNH please visit our website.