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Excellence. Simply delivered

DHL runs a complex retail service for prisons across England and Wales, where prisoners pick and pack around 60,000 orders a week, which are despatched across the prison estate. The work provides the opportunity for prisoners to develop new skills and qualifications which can lead to employment on temporary release and at the end of their sentence.

Dan Peacock – Head of Public Sector (DHL):

"ONE3ONE provide great opportunities that make a difference to the individual and to society as a whole, whilst developing loyal and capable employees for our business. We aim to train and develop talented individuals within prison, allowing transition into our operations upon release."

Chris Taylor, DHL, General Account Manager:

"Anyone would be lying if they didn't admit to some trepidation when first visiting prison, but I have been impressed by the level of investment and quality of output. Once you are through the door we like to create an environment identical to any DHL workplace. Prisoners are colleagues."