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Food for thought

At HMP Kirkham, we host the business CALPAC Ltd, which stores, packs and dispatches food.

The prison governor has committed to provide CALPAC with the buildings, facilities and resource pool to deliver their business. He also ensures that the necessary security features are in place, and facilitates deliveries and collections to and from the prison.

CALPAC have been able to train their workforce to suit their needs, and retain close control over the daily production, processes and supervision of the business. Their overheads are minimised and all costs are included in the price they have agreed with the prison.

Mike Perry, Director of CALPAC said:

“The financial costs of setting up a business within a prison are considerably lower. As far as the motivation of the lads or the work that they do, you definitely wouldn’t know that it was within a prison. It’s probably one of the most efficient units that I’ve ever worked in.