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How it works

It works for businesses

We can support your business by becoming a part of your existing supply chain or helping you re-shore work back to England and Wales. We offer businesses competitive and commercially fair pricing and a real social return.

Map of England and Wales with prison locations marked

Our prisoners are trained to work with a range of tools such as welding machines, cleaning chemicals, sewing machines or printing presses which will meet your needs. We comply with health and safety standards and numerous product test standards and certification standards.

We will offer you price competitive solution to support start up, expansion and reshoring and with our flexible workforce we can continue to support your business as it changes and evolves.

It works for society

As well as benefits for your business, working with ONE3ONE Solutions helps deliver your corporate social responsibility objectives. We support the Government’s commitment to ‘Breaking the Cycle’ of crime and reoffending, and offenders are less likely to reoffend if they gain employment after release.

The cost of crime and reoffending directly impacts on your local community. Paying back to society is one of the great strengths of our enterprise. It really is justice working for you.

It works for prisoners

We create work for prisoners enabling them to contribute to society, and also experience work comparable to that offered in the community to support them upon release. Prisoners work full, productive weeks gaining new skills including how to work in a team, build their CV and develop self confidence.

Our instructors are employed to oversee and motivate prisoners. Our prisoners want to work and take pride in what they do, gaining valuable life skills and work experience.

We have developed the provision of training and qualifications inside prison so that it links to gaining jobs when prisoners are released. We want work in prison to be like work outside. Our prisons operate to a set of values which include being open, honest, transparent and treating prisoners with decency and respect.

I find the staff we’ve recruited from prisons are among the best colleagues we’ve got. We simply recruit people who we feel deserve a chance and think the best way to avoid people going back to prison is to give them a good job.

James Timpson, Timpson Ltd.