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It works for society

As well as excellent commercial benefits for your business, working with ONE3ONE helps deliver your corporate social responsibility objectives. We support the Government’s commitment to ‘Breaking the Cycle’ of crime and reoffending.

We know that offenders are less likely to reoffend if they gain employment after release. Through working in prison, offenders are helping to generate revenue which contributes financially to victim services and their own rehabilitation.

The cost of crime and reoffending directly impacts on your local community. Paying back to society is one of the great strengths of our enterprise. It truly is justice working for you.

I find the staff we’ve recruited from prisons are among the best colleagues we’ve got. We simply recruit people who we feel deserve a chance and think the best way to avoid people going back to prison is to give them a good job

James Timpson, Timpsons Ltd
(James was awarded an OBE in 2011 for his work with the Timpson Foundation, which helps offenders on release.)