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It works for business

A straightforward relationship

Working with us will be no different to contracting with any other provider. Prisons are a secure environment but this can be a real advantage and working with us will be a straightforward business transaction. When we work with you we will give you all the support you would expect from a partner in your business.

You can trust us

We compete on quality as well as cost. We will always deliver the best standard of service. Over 1,000 instructors are employed to oversee and motivate prisoners delivering your work. Our instructors are some of the best in the business at training and developing skilled and unskilled workers. And our prisoners want to work and take pride in what they do, gaining valuable life skills and work experience along the way.

Safe and secure

Many of our prisoners are trained to work with a range of tools and materials. Whether it is welding machines, cleaning chemicals, sewing machines or printing presses, we comply with all health and safety standards and develop our workforce. Our doors are open for business, but naturally prisons are secure 24 hours a day. This means there is no concern about separate security contracts to protect goods or stocks.

Working offenders can offer a valuable contribution to operations using their enthusiasm and intelligence. It is great experience for our managers and colleagues.

Huw Jenkins, Vice President DHL (Public Sector)