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Code of Practice

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Ensuring Fairness: Code of Practice for Work in Prisons

Work in prisons should be delivered in a socially and economically beneficial way, with jobs in the community protected from the risk of being displaced as a direct result of unfair competition from prisons. Prisoners who work should have the opportunity to further their own rehabilitation. Work in prisons should allow for reparation to be made to society.

Work in prisons should be sought and delivered according to the principles of this Code of Practice.

  • The work should deliver reparative and rehabilitative benefits and will be used as an opportunity to deliver reparation and rehabilitation funds.
  • Prison work should not be operated anti-competitively.
  • Prices should be set fairly and with reference to the market with no element of public subsidy.
  • Opportunities to support businesses in the community should be sought.
  • Work for offenders in prison must not be used as a direct replacement for existing jobs in the community.
  • Prisoners should not be exploited.
  • Opportunities to make prison work more like work on the outside should be sought, subject to pre-eminent interests such as security and the maintenance of good order. The work should be productive.
  • Complaints should be dealt with thoroughly, fairly and transparently.
  • Work in prison should be managed in compliance with all relevant regulatory standards, and be quality assured.

Download the response from ONE3ONE Solutions about how they will meet these requirements